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BTI INC - CNC Machining Services - 45yrs Exp.

 ISO9001:2008 Certified .

BTI - Small Parts CNC Machining
BTI CNC Machining & Aerospace Parts Mfg Service
 We are a contract machining , structural metal working service that provides 100% parts Manufacturing,  Procurement and  Inspection per customer requirements
for: Government, Aerospace and other Industries.


Instruction Manual & Parts List PDF

For Desert & dry regions not meant for water crossings or rainy wet & muddy areas. As long as you don't go submarine style on it, it will be fine for most regions. The vents are pointed forward so if you were to hit a puddle the filter wont take a direct hit.


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BTI Inc has the technical expertise and equipment to serve most industriesthat have a need for on-time custom machined, fabricated or assembled components.
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    • Hard Plastic parts(no forming)
    • Machined parts
    • Medical Stainless Parts Mfg
    • Stamped parts
    • Sheet metal fabrication
    • Metal Fab. Structural Mfg
  • Cast parts Modification/Finishing
  • Forged Parts Modification/Finishing
  • Composite Parts
  • Rubber Parts
  • Assembled parts

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