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T-Handle Insert Bit Holders

Super-T-Driver 6in. Lg. 1/4 Female Hex Bit Holder (Hex Bits not Included)  - Used to insert any type of 1/4 Drive Hex Bit such as TORX, HEX etc.  Extra length extra strength T-handle drivers with cushion grip for comfort.  Lifetime guarantee on the T-Handle/bit holder. - Bits are held in by a set screw for easy replacement. Heat treated aircraft type 4140 steel main shank is broached to 1/4 on the end which is heat treated premium quality steel and meets specifications of 55-201.

OPTIONAL:  Supplied with a 1/4 in. Quick Release Power Bit Holder.

                                                                                                  Note: Insert Bits Not Included

Available in 6", 12", 18" and 24" Lg.