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Hex L-Keys


Specialty Hex L-Keys
Fractional Sizes 15/16 - 2" Metric Size 15MM - 36MM (over 36mm CALL) All keys are made with Premium Grade Alloy Steel. All keys meet ANSI Specs B18.3 and GGG-K-275 amend.No.1 They have a black finish for corrosion resistance. Other sizes available on request. Prices available on request Quantities of 1 - 250K or more on smaller sizes Please Call "Let us quote you on Large Quantities" NOTE: Special Sizes with modified lengths Available - Please Call.

Fractional (up to 2in.)

 Fractional Long Arm Hex Keys Hex Sizes (1" - 2")


12 x 4in. Lg
Hex sizes (3/16 - 3/8)
Metric Long Arm Hex KeysHex Sizes (15mm-36mm) 8-1/2 in. Lg X 3-1/2 Hex Sizes (5mm - 10mm)

12 x 4in. Lg Hex Sizes (5mm-10mm)