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Extra-Long Power Bits

   Custom Size Power Bit

Fractional (5/64-3/8)          Metric (2mm-19mm)

Extra Long Power BitsPATENT PENDING 

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 Standard Blade Series shown here, has a round shank with a Power Bit drive back-end with a replaceable bit.

Ball-End Series shown here ( sizes 5/64 - 9/64, 2mm - 3mm) has Hex Power Bit Shank with a replaceable bit.

Note: For all Lengths - The working length(L) starts 1" in from the back end of the DRIVE HEX.

Note: The Drive Hex Length may vary up to 1-1/2" on some larger sizes.  Bit length protrudes 1" from the end as shown.

Hex Bits are held in by a 5-40 set screw.



These power bits have a shaft made of zinc plated (gold) Chromalloy heat treated steel.
Prices subject to change - PATENT PENDING