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Cyclone Air Filters

 BTI Performance Products
AFC-1003 Vented RZR 800 Race Filter Shown here.      AFC-1005 Semi-Sealed RZR 800 Cyclone Filter
 CF-812 12" Series      CF-815 15" Series
  BTI Performance ProductsThe Cyclone Ultra Filter design uses centrifugal force to keep dust and dirt out of the filter element which increase filter life.


Remember! You get what you pay for. This is a very high quality, well engineered component, crucial to the performance and longevity of your high performance engine. Patent Pending

 Our CYCLONE Ultra-Filters are used on Trucks, Prerunners, Racers and Sand Cars.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

80% increased air flow as compared to single inlet filter systems.
Inlet Ports give 80% Flow Efficiency, no oily foam outer required
Velocity fins remove up to 85% of the incoming dust before it reaches the filter.
No oil required on the filter element, which can cause damage to engine sensors.
Filter element removes up to 99.99% of the remaining dust in the air before going into your expensive engine & components.
Filter element is easily removed from either end.
Filter end caps are machined from a single piece of high strength 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Not spun aluminum!
Modular design, parts can be changed to increase or decrease the filter size.
No drilling required to mount filter. Mounting clamps included.
Available in 12” length (p/n CF-812 series) or 15” length (p/n CF-815 series).