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Job Shop & CNC Machining Contract Services

ATTENTION!! We do not manufacture or carry knives of any kind. We are not Battenfeld Technologies

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Job Shop Contract Machining Division Info  BTI Inc has been in the machining & metal working trade since 1967. We specialize in high production structural metal working, CNC parts machining using the latest technology CNC twin turret lathes with live tooling attachments. Our CNC milling machines can machine 2D and 3D and 4th & 5TH axis parts with the highest accuracy. We have a fully equipped manufacturing facility that can handle just about any size job from small parts to large structural projects. We have a trained engineering staff to translate your sketch, drawing or plan into a quality machined part. We are competent in most all grades of materials such as steel, stainless metals, aluminum and exotic metals including titanium. We use the latest NC programming software from SURFCAM 2008 CAD/CAM and SolidWorks 3D 2008.

Building Relationships

BTI, Inc. has placed great emphasis on building mutually beneficial customer relationships. We offer our clients a more complete service than traditional machine shops. We enjoy working with companies during all phases of manufacturing from Prototypes to Production.

During the prototype stage we are available to assist our customers in a variety of ways. We can offer advice and programming for new designs. We have worked with a vast number of materials and are able to assist in choosing the most cost-effective and accurate type for our clients' needs. We are familiar with a wide variety of finishing techniques such as plating, lapping, extrude honing, tumbling, and heat treating; to provide our clients with the finish necessary for their application. We understand that prototyping is essential to our customers' future success and we assist them in making it a quick and cost-effective process.

In the production stage we assist our customers by reviewing different technologies for cost-effectiveness. We consistently evaluate run times and new tooling to look for ways to save our customers' money. We offer Just In Time stocking on large purchase orders, allowing us to decrease cost by performing longer production runs, and allowing our customers to receive parts when they are needed. We are also available to make sample parts for new orders, permitting customers to test parts before releasing large purchase orders.

We would like the opportunity to quote on your next project. Our team understands that in order to succeed as your valuable supplier, we need to deliver the highest quality parts...on time, and at a reasonable cost. As companies strive to bring products to market, lower labor, material, support, and capital costs make outsourcing an attractive option for product development.

You may fax, call or e-mail me with your specific requirements in detail. This will allow me to generate the fastest and most accurate quote for you.

Your trust is our most important asset. With all projects assigned to BTI Inc, your product’s confidentiality is our priority. We also provide overnight and priority shipping, so your projects will arrive to you as quickly as possible. We proudly use the latest software technology, including: Sincerely,

BTI Inc Design Team

We look forward to talking to you about your next project

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