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BTI Inspection Equipment

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Inspection Equipment

INSPECTION Measuring Equipment:

CMM   Inspection Instrument

2006 Mititoyo -  Model No. CRT-A C9106
Range: 34”x38”x22”
Surface Tables:
      (1)  4ft x 5ft, Grade "A" pink granite
       (1)  3ft x 4ft "tool room grade" Micrometers, gages, test indicators, dynamometer and other instruments required for accuracy in tolerances.





Lathes With digital readouts are excellent for high tolerance, low cost operations.

(1)  Cadillac 21" w/digital
(1)  Ocurna 21" w/digital
       dia x 60" length capacity 
General Use Arbors and Presses
    Mills   Power feed with Mitutoyo or Anilam digital displays.
(1)  1989 Bridgeport type, with 9" x 42" table, X=12", Y=30"
    Metal Cutting  Production sawing with close tolerances.
(1)  ‘2000 HYD-MECH V-18APC Heavy-Duty Band Saw
       Cap.  18” x  20” Digital Tilt Frame
          Square: 18" x 20", Round: 18", Round 45°: 13"
            6° cant 90°: 18", 6° cant 45°: 12
(1)   #8 Mark 1 Marvel -Tilt Frame
        Saw with 18"X22" for all materials
(1)   Esab - 875 230V Plasma Cutter
(1) Lincoln V-300 PRO, Flux core Welder
       for aluminum and steel
(1)    Miller Millermatic 250, Wire, Mig Welder
(1)    Linde 225, Wire, Mig Welder
(1)    Lincoln Square Wave 350, TIG
         & Stick Welder
CAD/CAM Svstems. Including:
Surfcam 4th Axis Plus" w/NC verify, multi- surface machining, lathe package
 (2) Seats SolidWorks 2008 Plus design software















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