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BTI Equipment List

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CNC Vertical Mills Con't.
(2) HAAS VF-9  Vertical Machining Center
The Haas VF-9 vertical machining center has 84" x 40" x 30" (2134 x 1016 x 762 mm) xyz travels .
The Haas VF-9 is a rugged, large VMC that yields reliability and accuracy in a large-framed machine. The VF-9 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 20 hp vector Dual-Drive (Y-Delta) motor. The VF-9 produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox -- and will also run up to 7500 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum.
84 Inch X-Axis 
Vertical Machining Center
(1) NV5000α1B/40
Machine specifications
Item   NNV5000α1B/40
Travel X-axis travel
<longitudinal movement of table>
1,020 mm (40.2 in.)
  Y-axis travel
<cross movement of saddle>
510 mm (20.1 in.)
  Z-axis travel
<vertical movement of spindle head>
510 mm (20.1 in.)
Table Working surface 1,320 × 600 mm (52.0× 23.6 in.)
  Table loading capacity 1,200 kg (2,640 lb.)

CNC Lathes


(1) NL2500MC/700

Max. turning diameter
356 mm (14.0 in.)
Standard turning diameter
275 mm (10.8 in.)
Max. turning length
705 mm (27.7 in.)
(2) ZL-203S
Synchronous Machining/Dual-process CNC Lathe
Max. turning diameter
Turret 1: 390 mm (15.3 in.)
Turret 2: 294 mm (11.5 in.)
Standard turning diameter
202 mm (7.9 in.)
<Max. workpiece dia. for carrying: 168 mm (6.6 in.)>
Max. turning length
424 mm (16.6 in.)
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