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Better performance and longer filter life.
Increased air intake equals more power !!
Quality through out made from billet aluminum.
The Cyclone Ultra Filters 8" Dia. filter element will increase filtration by an amazing 494%,
yet still allow an increase in your air volume intake for improved throttle response.
This Cyclone Filter is intended to work in most conditions: mud, water-crossings,
and dust & most harsh environments.
This is what your stock filter is letting through to your motor ! !

This picture shows the inside of a stock RZR intake boot after 1 day of use. What you are seeing is dirt and dust the stock air filter failed to capture. Dirt causes premature engine wear and/or even engine failure. Save your engine! The cyclone Ultra Filter will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.....



 494% increased filtration.
Filter element is 5 times larger than the stock filter
Increased air intake equals more power, quicker throttle response!
Longer filter life. Under normal operating conditions the filter will last up to 1000 miles or more.
99.9% filtration. No dirt gets past this filter.
Up to 1 year of use before filter needs cleaning.
Strong light weight billet aluminum construction.
Powder coated filter housing.
All aluminum is chem-filmed.
Stainless steel mount clamp and hardware.
No oil required.
Virtually maintenance free!
Easy installation! Easy maintenance.
No modifications required!
No modifications required which makes for easy install 
and it comes complete with the SS band clamp and a cool billet 
mount kit. Not to mention, no more oily filters, 
so it's nearly maintenance free.

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